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+ Quad Hifi
 All about QuadSales brochures, price lists, information, and some nice pictures..... 
+ 1 Series
  1 Series Overview 
 HR1 AM Tuner 
 QA12Information needed 
 QA12/P Integrated Mono AmplifierThe first product to wear the Quad badge was the 1949's QA12/P 
 Quad 1 Mono Power Amplifier 
 Quad QC1 Mono Control Unit 
 Quad R Mono AM Tuner 
+ 2 Series
  2 Series Overview 
 Multiplex Decoder 
 Quad 22 Control UnitStereo Control Unit 
 Quad AM II Tuner 
 Quad AM Tuner (AM 1) 
 Quad FM Mono Tuner (FM 1) 
 Quad II Mono Power amplifier 
 Quad QC II Mono Control UnitMono Control Unit 
+ 33 Series
  33 Series Overview 
 303 Power-amp30W Stereo power amplifer 
 33 Pre-ampSelects and controls sources, two tuner inputs 
 405 Mono405 Mono power amplifer 
 405 Power-amp100w Stereo Current dumping amplifer 
 405-2 Power-amp 
 410 Mono Power-amp405 power amplifier bridged to give a mono amplifier 
 AM3 TunerManual AM Tuner 
 FM2 TunerManual FM Valve Tuner 
 FM3 TunerManual FM Tuner 
 SleeveAfrormosia sleeve for 33 and FM3 
+ 34 Series
  34 Series Overview 
 306 Power-amp 
 34 Pre-amp 
 44 Pre-amp 
 FM4 Tuner 
 Pedestal StandFor Quad 405-2 Power Amplifier, 34 Pre amplifier and FM34 Tuner 
 Rack3 unit rack 
+ 66 Series
  66 Series Overview 
 606 Mono Power-amp300w Mono power amp 
 606 Power-amp160w Stereo power amplifer 
 66 CDProgrammable CD Player - Quad's first 
 66 FM Tuner 
 66 Pre-amp7-input remote control pre-amplifier 
 66 Remote Controller 
 66 Series Equipment StandConstructed from MDF and finished in grey Nextel 
 66 Series Rack 
 67 CDUpdated CD Player, revised transport 
+ 77 Series
  77 Series Overview77 Series System Review 
 707 Mono Power-amplifier 
 707 Power-amplifier 
 77 AV Processor AmplifierNever made production? 
 77 CDCD Player 
 77 FM RDS Tuner 
 77 Integrated Amplifier 
 77 Mono Power-amplifier 
 77 Power-amplifierStereo power amplifier 
 77 Pre-amplifier 
 77 Remote Console 
 77-10L Loudspeaker 
 77-11L Loudspeaker 
 77-20L Loudspeaker 
+ Classic Series
  Classic Series Overview 
 Quad II Classic Int. Amplifier 
 Quad II Diamond Jubilee 
 VenaIntegrated Amplifier with DAC and aptX Bluetooth  
+ 99 Series
  99 Series Overview 99 Series System Review 
 909 Mono Power-amplifier300w Mono current dumping amplifier 
 909 Stereo Power-amplifier140w 2 Channel current dumping amplifier 
 99 CD-SCD player (standard model) 
 99 CDP 
 99 CDP-2CD player (with variable output & Digital inputs) 
 99 FM TunerFM Tuner (use with 99 Pre only) 
 99 Mono Power-amplifier150 (220w/4ohm) Mono amplifier 
 99 Power-amplifier80w 2 Channel power amplifier 
 99 Pre-amplifierPreamplifier 
 99 RackMetal & Glass rack for 99 series electronics 
 99 Stereo Power-amplifier 
+ Elite Series
  Elite Series Overview 
 Elite CDPCompact Disc Player with Pre-Amplifier 
 Elite CDSCompact Disc Player 
 Elite CDXThe Quad Elite CDX combines a CD player, DAC and Pre amp in one unit. 
 Elite ER-1; Remote ControlElite universal remote for QUAD Elite series  
 Elite FMFM Tuner 
 Elite Integrated Stereo Amplifier 
 Elite MonoMono Power Amplifier 
 Elite Pre-AmplifierStereo Pre-Amplifier 
 Elite QMP Mono Power Amplifier 
 Elite QSP Stereo Power Amplifier 
 Elite Series RackMetal & Glass rack for Elite series and 99 series electronics 
 Elite StereoStereo Power Amplifier 
+ Artera Series
  Artera Series Overview 
 Artera PlayCD Player and DAC 
 Artera Stereo140 W Power Amplifier 
+ ESL Speakers
  ESL Speakers Overview 
 Quad Electrostatic L/speaker (ESL57) 
+ L Series Speakers
  L Speakers Overview 
 L Centre 
 L Sub-woofer 
+ L Classic Speakers
  L Classic Speakers Overview 
 11L Classic 
 11L Classic Signature 
 12L ClassicStandmount stereo loudspeakers 
 12L Classic Signature 
 23L Classic3-way Floorstanding stereo loudspeakers 
 23L Classic Signature 
 25L Classic3-way Floorstanding stereo loudspeakers  
 25L Classic Signature 
 L Classic Centre 
 L Classic Subwoofer 
+ L Series Active Speakers
  L Active Speakers Overview 
  9L studio active 
 11L studio active 
 12L studio active 
 9AS studio activeUSB active desktop/standmount loudspeakers 
+ L2 Series Speakers
  L2 Speakers Overview 
  9L22way 75w Stand mount loudspeaker 
 11L22way 85w Stand mount loudspeaker 
 12L22way 100w Stand mount loudspeaker 
 21L22way 125w Floor standing loudspeaker 
 22L22way 150w Floor standing loudspeaker 
 L2 Centre 
 L2 Sub-woofer 
+ L-ite Series
  L-ite Series Overview 
 L-ite Centre 
 L-ite Powered Sub-woofer 
 L-ite Satellite 
+ L-ite Plus
  L-ite Plus Series OverviewFull 5.1 Speaker System including 4 x surround, 1 x centre and 1 x active subwoofer 
 Centre Loudspeaker 
 L-ite Plus Subwoofer LF66 
 Satellite Loudspeaker 
 Three in One Sound Bar L/speaker Sys. 
+ L-ite 2 Series
  L-ite 2 Series Overview 
 L-ite 2 Centre 
 L-ite 2 Powered Sub-woofer 
 L-ite 2 Satellite 
+ Z Series Loudspeakers
  Z Series Loudspeakers Overview 
+ S Series Loudspeakers
  S Series Loudspeakers Overview 
 S-12 way bookshelf loudspeaker 
 S-22 way bookshelf loudspeaker 
 S-43 way floor standing loudspeaker 
 S-53 way floor standing loudspeaker 
 S-C2 way centre loudspeaker 
+ LF Series
  LF Series; Overview 
+ Studio/Professional
  Range Overview 
 240 Twin channel Power Amp 
 303JMono Power Amplifier 
 303KProfessional version with XLR input and outputs 
 40A Single channel Power Amp 
 50 Single channel Power Amp 
 510 Single channel Power Amp 
 520 Twin channel Power Amp100w Stereo amplifer 
 520c Twin channel Power Amp 
 520f Twin channel Power Amp 
 520s Twin channel Power AmpA slave version of the 520f 
 521f Twin channel Power Amp2 x 100w BBC version 
 522 Twin channel Power Amp 
+ Platinum Series
  Platinum Series Overview 
 Platinum DMP (Digital Media Player)CD player/DAC/preamplifier 
 Platinum Mono Power Amplifier180 watts per channel at 8 Ohms. 
 Platinum Preamplifier 
 Platinum Stereo Power Amplifier150 watts per channel at 8 Ohms. 
+ Other Items
 Loudspeaker CableQuad Loudspeaker Cable 
 PA-OneHeadphone Amplifier 
 Performance CablesAnalogue, Digital Interconnects and Loudspeaker cables 
 VenaVena Integrated Amplifier 
+ Link Series
 Link D-1 USB D/A Converter 

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