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160w Stereo power amplifer
Mk. I The top of the MK I has straight edges.

Mk. II The top of the MK II has bevelled edges and heatsinks.

606 Schematics (127.7kb)
606 Stereo Instruction book O1601EC (1,501.4kb)
606 Stereo Instruction book O1602EC (1,323.6kb)
606 Service Data (2,305.8kb)
606 Stereo Power Amplifier; Data sheet (263.4kb)
Photos (view all)
606 Mk. I Front view (150.4kb)
606 Mk. I Rear view (112.2kb)
606 Mk. I Side view (164.9kb)
606 Mk. II Rear view (322.7kb)
Late 606 Mk. I with Mk. 2 logo (33.4kb)
606 Review; Gramophone Oct 1986 (160.5kb)
606 Review; Hi Fi News & R R Dec 1993 (853.7kb)
606 Review; Hi Fi World Aug 1993 (266.9kb)
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