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The L2 series was launched in September 2006. A follow-up to the original L-series it has been updated and improved in every respect whilst maintaining the same clear identity and level of refinement.

Aluminium voice coils, a new profiled tweeter pod, improved chassis design for lower mid-range distortion and improved terminals, spikes and plinths.

Finishes available in:

Piano Cherry
Piano Rosewood
Piano Birds Eye
Piano Black
Piano Silver
L2 Series User Manual (1,843.3kb)
L2 Series User Manual (German) (1,050.3kb)
Advert; Hi Fi World Sept 2007 (323.0kb)
L2 Brochure 11-2006 (759.5kb)
L2 Technical Overview (201.9kb)
Photos (view all)
Colour Range (25.3kb)
L2 Series 5.1 System review (link)
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Official Site (link)

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