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80w 2 Channel power amplifier
Quad power amplifiers have always been amongst the finest in the world. Over the years, they have earned a reputation for being ‘straight wires with gain’, because they neither add nor take anything away from the original music signal. The 99 stereo power amplifier maintains this tradition. It uses a dual complementary feedback circuit with exceptional stability margins to achieve exemplary performance and an output of over 80 watts per channel. Overload recovery is instantaneous and the amplifier is fully protected against over-driving or misuse, without resorting to output line fuses or relays, which degrade the quality of the signal fed to the loudspeakers. The 99 stereo power amplifier can be safely used to drive most types of loudspeaker, both Quad’s own electrostatic models and conventional models made by both Quad and other manufacturers.
99 Instruction Manual (1,010.0kb)
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99 Stereo Front (9.6kb)
99 Stereo Internal (1) (65.3kb)
99 Stereo Internal (2) (596.0kb)
99 Stereo Rear (34.2kb)
99 Stereo Top (12.0kb)
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