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The correct name for this is the "FM tuner", although it is often known, incorrectly, as the FM1.
(The true FM1 came before the 22/II series and was an adjunct to the QC-22 control unit.)
The "FM tuner" is part of the Quad II/22/AM setup, needing to be powered by the 22 control unit.

Text courtesy: Esmond Pitt http://www.telekinesis.com.au/wipv3_6/page2/show.jsp?id=249534&db=Entries
(FM1) Instruction book Issue 3 3m/6/62 (1,871.1kb)
(FM1) Instruction book Issue 5 2m/7/65 (8,903.8kb)
(FM1) Instruction book Issue 6 2m/9/66 (1,575.2kb)
FM1 Schematic Issue 2 (262.1kb)
Quad FM Tuner; Data sheet (280.8kb)
Quad FM Tuner; Spec. (German) (2) (115.9kb)
Quad FM Tuner; Specification (German) (71.9kb)
Photos (view all)
Quad FM Tuner (FM1) (126.0kb)
Quad FM Tuner (FM1) "Acoustical" (140.8kb)
Quad FM Tuner (FM1) Front (288.8kb)
Quad FM Tuner (FM1) Internal (381.3kb)
Quad FM Tuner (FM1) Internal (2) (137.0kb)
Quad FM Tuner (FM1) Rear (179.3kb)
Quad FM Tuner (FM1) Rear; labelled (147.2kb)
Quad FM Tuner (FM1) Side (108.6kb)
Quad FM Tuner (FM1) Side close-up (125.3kb)
Quad FM Tuner (FM1) Three-quarter rear (167.4kb)
Quad FM Tuner (FM1) with Decoder (347.6kb)
FM Tuner Review Gramophone Sept 1960 (636.5kb)
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