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150 (220w/4ohm) Mono amplifier
Power is something that this 99 mono power amplifier has in abundance. Into a nominal 8 ohm load it delivers well over 150 Watts and a breathtaking 220 Watts into a 4 ohm load. In all other respects, this amplifier is close to the 99 stereo power amplifier and shares its technology and topology as well as its excellent standards of performance.
99 Stereo Amplifier; Instruction Manual (101.7kb)
Photos (view all)
99 Mono Front (9.6kb)
99 Mono Front; large (135.7kb)
99 Mono Power Amplifiers; pair Rear (158.2kb)
99 Mono Rear (16.5kb)
99 Mono Top (12.9kb)
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99 Mono Official Site (link)

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