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Manual AM Tuner
This is essentially an "AM tuner" in a 33-style case with an independent power supply.
An AM tuner with LW, MW, and SW bands and switchable bandwidths.

This was Quad's last valve tuner and also their last AM tuner. Only 2000 were made.

Text courtesy: Esmond Pitt http://www.telekinesis.com.au/wipv3_6/page2/show.jsp?id=249534&db=Entries

Two models, one with LW, MW and one SW (European) the second model (Overseas); MW with two SW.

AM3 Instruction book & circuits (1,954.5kb)
AM3 Instruction book Iss 2 1M1270 (2,368.4kb)
AM3 Brochure (350.1kb)
AM3; Schematic (European) (591.3kb)
Photos (view all)
AM3; Front (1) (European) (60.5kb)
AM3; Front (2) (European) (66.3kb)
AM3; Front (3) (Overseas) (87.5kb)
AM3; Front powered (European) (198.5kb)
AM3; Internal (1) (153.9kb)
AM3; Internal (2) (162.6kb)
AM3; Internal European (1) (95.5kb)
AM3; Internal European (2) (90.1kb)
AM3; Rear (74.3kb)
AM3; Three-quarter rear (75.8kb)
AM3; Top (126.8kb)
AM3; Tuning Scale (European) (101.6kb)
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