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Quad 1 with shielded transformers

Quad 1 without shielded transformers see leaflet 1955 Quad I (USA)
Quad 1 Manual (868.3kb)
Quad 1 Manual (2) (300.8kb)
Advert; Gramophone April 1953 (326.6kb)
Advert; Wireless World, Feb 1953 (138.4kb)
Leaflet 1955 Quad I (USA) (296.0kb)
Quad 1 & QC1 Mono Control Unit Brochure (3,442.2kb)
Quad 1 & QC1; Data sheet (395.5kb)
Photos (view all)
Quad 1; Front (240.3kb)
Quad 1; Rear (277.4kb)
Quad 1 & QC 1; Gramophone March 1951 (152.0kb)
Quad 1 & QC 1; W.W. October 1956 (544.2kb)
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