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Introduced: 1953
Discontinued: 1970
Quantity sold: 90,000
22 & II Instruction bk. Issue 4 3m/3/62 (1,554.5kb)
22 & II Instruction book (8,955.8kb)
Instruction book Issue 7 2m/4/64 (2,267.4kb)
QCII & II Instruction book Issue 3 (3,817.0kb)
Ad. II Mono Power amp; W W Oct 57 (119.1kb)
Ad. II Power amp; W W Dec 57 (106.6kb)
Advert; Gramophone August 1955 (338.5kb)
Article; H F N & R R Valve and Vinyl 93 (489.3kb)
Circuit Diagram Drg. 11175 Issue 1 (210.3kb)
Quad 22 and II; Spec. (German) (2) (198.5kb)
Quad 22 and II; Specification (German) (106.0kb)
Quad 22; Data sheet (334.6kb)
Quad II Warranty (342.9kb)
Photos (view all)
6 pin Jones Plugs & Sockets (64.4kb)
II Amplifier (182.8kb)
II Amplifier (black label s.n. 90,xxx) (69.8kb)
II Amplifier (black label) (2) (75.0kb)
II Amplifier Interior bottom (289.8kb)
II Amplifier Interior bottom (pair) (289.6kb)
II Amplifier; Mains transformer (91.2kb)
II Amplifier; voltage selection (229.5kb)
Pair II Amplifiers (274.3kb)
22 & II Review Gramophone April 1959 (588.7kb)
QC II & II Review High Fidelity Sept 54 (92.0kb)
Review Quad II/22 Hi Fi N. & R R July 57 (467.5kb)
Internet Links
Article; Stereophile April 2007 (link)

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