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CD player (with variable output & Digital inputs)
The Quad CD-P shares only the casework with its brother, the CD-S. A clean sheet design, the CD-P confirms the relevance of CD as a state-of-the-art format in the 21st century. With a level of detail and accuracy to this standard, many industry onlookers have questioned the need for the new ‘high-resolution’ formats at all. Although we always look with interest at new technologies, the compromise to CD performance is not justified by the limited amount of well recorded high-resolution software available. Rather, the ability to reproduce CD to the very highest standards possible is our absolute priority.

The CD-P features both a new transport and new D/A converters of the very highest quality. The three laserpickup is as accurate as it is reliable and represents the very pinnacle of the art. Converting this digital data to an analogue signal is the task of a 24bit, 192kHz D/A Converter, the output from which is available as either fixed level (for use with a traditional pre-amplifier), or as variable level (addressed in the analogue domain) to allow direct connection to a power amplifier. Although this potentiometer output is not a fully functioned preamplifier, this simple and inexpensive addition produces the ability to create the shortest possible signal path from DAC to speaker.

This versatility is further enhanced as the CD-P features no less than six digital inputs which will upsample any recognised PCM stream - such as that from a digital output on a DAB tuner or satellite box. This allows the CD-P to be used as the centre of a digital system, capable of delivering outstanding improvements to a whole host of digital sources.

Our proprietary filtering software, which reduces the operating noise floor significantly, and some of the finest quality components to be found in any CD player further contribute towards creating a CD player which has been universally recognised by the critics as one of the finest available today at any price.
99 Series user manual (1,886.3kb)
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99 CDP Front (31.7kb)
99 CDP Rear (35.1kb)
99 CDP Remote (18.0kb)
99 CDP2 Front (13.4kb)
99 CDP2 Front three-quarter; champagne (174.2kb)
99 CDP2 Front; black (172.5kb)
99 CDP2 Rear (19.3kb)
99 CDP2 Rear; Spelling mistake (57.8kb)
99 CDP2 Top (15.8kb)
CDS top & CDP 2 bottom Rear views (190.6kb)
Review; CDP-2 Audio July 2008 (German) (1,924.2kb)
Review; CDP-2 Hi Fi World Dec 2005 (422.6kb)
99 CDP 2 Stereophile Jan 2006 (link)
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99 CDP-2 Official Site (link)

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