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State of the art performance combined with unique operating features sets the Quad 99 pre-amplifier apart from competing products. The combination of universal phono-socket connectors and Quad Link inputs gives the ability to connect an almost unlimited number of sources, each with optimal matching. All inputs, including those for moving-coil and moving-magnet cartridges, have adjustable sensitivity. This flexibility also extends to the wide range of precise tone control adjustments that can be made. In addition to the usual high-frequency filter, there are adjustments for the bass response, and the unique Quad ‘Tilt’ control which skews the entire frequency response to give a preferred tonal balance.

The 99 pre-amplifier is packed with technical innovation including noiseless solid state signal switching and digitally addressed analogue volume and balance controls. These track both left and right channels with a previously unattainable accuracy of better than 0.1dB.
99 Series user manual (1,886.3kb)
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99 Pre Amplifier Internal (710.8kb)
99 Pre Front (12.3kb)
99 Pre Rear (18.2kb)
99 Pre Rear; large (141.0kb)
99 Pre Top (15.7kb)
Review 99 and 909 Absolute Sound 2011 (312.7kb)
Review 99 and 909 AVguide.com June 2010 (link)
Stereo Times August 2002 (link)
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