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99 Series System Review
Quad sound systems have always been able to give their owners the utmost pleasure and passion when they listen to music. But now the 99 Series brings more. Conceived as a fully integrated component system, there is an assurance of absolute compatibility and the convenience offered by the high levels of intelligence exhibited in the control system. Each component within the 99 Series is one of the finest examples available today. Brilliantly engineered in every respect; highly specified transformers; audiophile components; multi-layer circuit boards and the most advanced software appear in abundance throughout the system. Our reputation, however, is based upon more than good engineering and innovation. Quad Hi-Fi units are famous the world over, not for their high specifications and attention to detail, but for the enjoyment they have brought to the most discerning audiophiles.

The modern design of the 99 Series components has been developed to dovetail ease of use, style and elegance with one of the finest sounds available today. Intelligent control systems are used to create a seamless link between the various 99 Series components, allowing complete operation from a single remote control. Our unique ‘Quad link’ bus connection system transfers not only system commands, but also fully balanced audio signals. With the 99 Series, you are assured exquisite performance; convenience of use; quality of construction; enviable support, but most of all, the pedigree of a company that has built a long-term reputation on the ability to reproduce music in a manner that aims to be the closest approach to the original sound.

99, CDP-2 & 99 FM Review TAS Part 2 (see 99 Series Overview for Part 1 of this review.)
99 Series Instruction Manual (1,662.1kb)
99 Series Instruction Manual (Dutch) (989.2kb)
99 Series Instruction Manual (German) (2,687.3kb)
99 Series Owners Manual (revised) (1,886.3kb)
99 Series brochure (973.4kb)
99 Series brochure (French) (848.2kb)
99 Series brochure 03-11-2004 (850.0kb)
99 Series brochure 05-02-2008 (6,875.7kb)
99 Series Technical Overview (255.1kb)
Advert: 99 Series Hi Fi News March 1999 (459.0kb)
Advert: 99 Series Hi Fi News May 2005 (445.1kb)
Advert; Hi Fi World Sept 2007 (323.0kb)
News item: Hi Fi News Awards Jan 2004 (152.0kb)
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Bus-link Cable (11.5kb)
Quad 99 Series (79.7kb)
Quad 99 Series (black) (140.4kb)
99 & 11L System AudioEnz Mar 2005 (79.1kb)
99 Series System Review Sept 1999 (1,901.9kb)
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99, CDP-2 & 99 FM Review TAS Part 2 (link)
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