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CD Player
The Quad 77 CD Player like other models in the 77 series came in two versions. There was the standard version which was officially known as the Quad 7712 which could be used in any system and then there was the Quad 7714 which could only be used in a Quadlink system. The 7714 was devoid of RCA outputs (see review)
Quad 77 Instruction book 017CD1E (574.9kb)
Quad 77 CD Player; Data sheet (333.0kb)
Photos (view all)
Quad 77 CD Player; Connections (7712) (202.5kb)
Quad 77 CD Player; Front (7712) (127.2kb)
Quad 77 CD Player; Front (7714) (135.9kb)
Quad 77 CD Player; Rear (7712) (168.9kb)
Quad 77 CD Player; Rear (7714) (101.2kb)
Quad 77 CD Player Gramophone Nov 1995 (352.1kb)
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